CD Player

4 sản phẩm CD Player
TEAC PD-501HR DSD/PCM/CD Player (Đầu đĩa DVD, CD)
TEAC CR-H101 CD Receiver

+ Compact CD Receiver for desktop
+ High-performance Class-D Amplifier delivers 26watts + 26 watts
+ PCM 192kH/24bit Hi-Res Audio streaming
+ HR Loudness enhances Mid/Low frequency at low volume level (applicable to all sources)
+ BurrBrown PCM1795 D/A Converter


TEAC NT-503 USB DAC/Nerwork Player

+ USB DAC supporting 11.2MHz DSD Native Playback and 32-bit/384kHz PCM, from PC via a single USB Cable
+ 5.6MHz DSD and 24-bit/192kHz WAV/FLAC Streaming Playback via LAN (DLNA1.5 Compatible Remote Playback, and Home Media Playback)
+ 5.6MHz DSD and 24-bit/192kHz WAV/FLAC Playback from USB Flash Memory
+ High-quality Wireless Playback via Bluetooth® supporting aptX®, AAC and SBC Codec

ESOTERIC SA-60 ( 99%)